The NSERC Hydrogen Canada (H₂CAN) Strategic Research Network is a truly pan-Canadian research network, grouping 29 leading researchers including 8 NSERC chair holders, 5 specialized university research centers from 14 universities and 5 government laboratories located in 7 different provinces. The network includes internationally recognized scientists and engineers whose activities cover all aspects of the scientific program. The research activities are divided into three themes, Production and Purification, Storage and Infrastructure & Safety.

a few words about us
In September 2008, NSERC awarded $5 million in research funds to H₂CAN for five years. This amount is leveraged at a ratio of 4:1 through related R&D activities by network researchers and facilities currently available at participating institutions. Total industrial partners contributions represent 50% of the overall network budget.


Help Canada maintaining a global leadership in a core technology of the 21st century by generating a critical mass in terms of resources, effort and competencies to address and resolve some of the remaining technical barriers to the introduction and commercialization of hydrogen energy technologies.


Our Scientific Program strives to address both the short term goals of Industry (lowering costs by improving current technologies) and its long term goals (technology innovation: development of new processes and new materials) by:

  • Innovation

    Improving and developing cleaner sustainable methods to produce pure, high quality hydrogen at lower cost either from waste or renewable resources.

  • Vision

    Increasing the energy density of hydrogen applications by improving and developing storage strategies that are practical and economical for both near and long term applications.

  • Safety

    Developing efficient and safe infrastructure strategies to facilitate the deployment of hydrogen energy technologies.


The training of highly qualified people (HQPs) is one of the most important activities of the network with approximately 65% of the network grant funding targeted to support HQPs. By involving HQPs in cutting edge research, ensuring relevance through industrial internships, and broadening their experience through exchange programs, the Network will ensure the training of the next generation innovators who will shape the future of hydrogen technologies.

media and publications
  • H₂CAN Scientific Program

    Hydrogen Canada Strategic Research →

  • David B. Levin

    Challenges for renewable hydrogen production from →

  • Richard Chahine and Pierre Benard

    received a certificate from Elsevier for being the authors of one of the 20 most Cited articles within 2007-2011 published in Scripta →
    Magazine →

  • Jacques Huot

    Hydrogen sorption properties of Ti-Cr alloys synthesized by ball milling and cold →

  • Jacques Goyette

    Sensitivity study of alanate hydride storage →

  • N.Djilali, P.Benard

    Numerical and experimental investigation of buoyant gas release: Application to hydrogen →

  • R.A.Varin

    The effects of ball milling and nanometric nickel additive on the hydrogen desorption from lithium borohydride and manganese chloride →

  • R.A.Varin

    Rapid hydrogenation at 30 deg. C of Mg and Fe →

  • Zbigniew S. Wronski

    The effects of nanonickel additive on the decomposition of complex metal hydride lithium →

  • Zbigniew S. Wronski

    The composites of magnesium hydride and iron-titabium →

  • R.A.Varin

    The effects of ball milling and molar ratio of LiH on the hydrogen storage properties of nanocrystalline lithium amode and lithium →

  • R.A.Varin

    Decomposition behavior of unmilled and ball milled lithium alanate including long-term storage and moisture →

  • R.A.Varin

    The effects of nanometric nickel catalyst on the dehydrogenation and rehydrogenation behavior of ball milled lithium →

  • R.A.Varin

    Effect of chromium oxide nanopowder on the micro structure and cyclic hydrogen storage of magnesium →

here you can find our latest news and announcements
Hydrogen Age and ISO/TC 197

Q&A of our Managing Director to the ISO Focus magazine that was published in September 2013, both English and French versions. ISOfocus sits down with Dr. Andrei Tchouvelev, the new Chair of ISO/TC 197, Hydrogen technologies, to discuss thought-provoking ideas about the future of hydrogen and the most pressing challenges for standards.
ISO Focus English →
ISO Focus French →

Hydrogen Storage Technology : Materials and Applications

Please find attached a one-page flyer for the Hydrogen Storage book put together by CRC Press. This book contains contributions from H2CAN researchers. Contact Prof. Pierre Benard , Hydrogen Research Institute, UQTR. There is a savings coupon that takes 20% off the book price.
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